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The Proserpine A P & I Association is very honoured to welcome Mr Grame Hopf to Show Whitsunday this year. Grame will be judging the Stud Cattle on the Friday of the show and while that is fantastic in itself, he will also be involved in a school for our youngsters, (and some not so young), on the Saturday morning. We do believe that one of our cattle stewards, Mr Lawson Camm, has memories of learning a great deal from Grame, and his bag of bones years ago.

Grame has been involved with cattle and poultry for most of his life. His list of achievements is simply second to none.

He has bred and exhibited over 50 Royal Show Champion Cattle. He bred and exported the first Stud Angus to be accepted back into the herd books in Scotland.

He has judged some 40 breeds at Royal shows throughout the nation. Droughtmasters, Brangus, Romonalos, Brahmans & Dexters at National Beef Shows. Grame was also the first person to judge all 6 breeds at the New Zealand Beef Week.

Grame’s rapport with young people cannot be topped. He has lectured on animal anatomy & management at field days around the country and around the world. He lives by the thought that you don’t wait for things to come to you. You go out and get them, learn about them and do the very best that you can do.

His prowess with livestock is not limited to the cattle world either having started breeding and showing poultry about 60 years ago and judging his first poultry show at the age of 14.

He is the only person to have ever judged World Congress shows in 5 different forms of livestock, ( dairy cattle, stud beef cattle, goats, sheep and poultry), has judged in 14 countries around the world and judged at all Australian Royals. Grame will do his 1000th judging appointment later in 2018. AMAZING! And he will be the Over judge for the 2018 National Junior Poultry Judging Titles this year.

In amongst all of this, Grame has also fostered some 37 children and most continue to be a huge part of his extended family. Grame’s ability to communicate with people is phenomenal and he will pass on his wealth of knowledge to anyone that wishes to take the time to sit and listen. He has started many breeders and exhibitors on their journeys by giving them livestock and teaching them what to look out for.

So come along and see what is happening at the Stud Cattle section this year. You won’t be disappointed.

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